Rajputi Fashion - A Perfect Fusion of Glamour and Tradition

Posted on September 12th, 2022 05:45 PM
Rajputi Fashion - A Perfect Fusion of Glamour and Tradition

The royal customs of Rajputs have been passed down from generation to generation, and keeping the Rajputi tradition intact is as challenging as bringing in the modernity in balance with the Rajputi Fashion to fill in the demand for the new trendy yet traditional designs of Rajputi clothing and jewellery. But now with the excellent artistic craftsmanship, the infusion of ‘designer’ novelty into Rajputi Fashion is made possible.

When we talk about tradition and glamour, Rajputi Fashion is a perfect fusion of these two, giving you a beautiful, classic look yet having a pinch of modernity in the collection of Rajputi dress and Jewellery.

Bridal Rajputi Poshak
Bridal Rajputi Poshak is the traditional dress of Rajasthan. This is a very graceful and an elegant costume. It comprises of four pieces; Lehanga (a long skirt), Kanchali (choli), Kurti (top) and an odhna (dupatta).The poshaks worn for weddings and occasions are a perfect fusion of glamour and tradition. Bridal Rajputi Poshak symbolizes the rich culture, memories, and proud connections of Rajputs with their roots. The alluring colours and shine of bridal charms complement the ethnic outfit to make one look bridal princess-worthy, who will surely dazzle in any gathering or special occasion.

The beauty of Rajputi Poshak lies in its simplicity. Its minimalist cut makes it also perfect for those who prefer being comfortable at the same time being elegant and classy. The outfit has a rich history and has been adorned by queens and princesses. This legacy and tradition of wearing such costumes has been passed from one generation to another generation. Rajputi Poshak combines the beauty of royalty, regality and sophistication that makes it timeless and unique.

The Rajputi Jewellery
The Rajputi jewellery is a perfect fusion of tradition and glamour. It’s medium to heavy with intricate designing incorporating gold and diamonds that make it a combination of old-world elegance with modern style. The jewellery can be worn by itself or in combination with other pieces to create an entirely new look for the special day.

The Kundan Meena jewellery and diamond jewellery boasts the unparalled skills of their craftsmen. Each piece is exquisitively handcrafted by rare traditional jewellery makers and will add royalty to your look. Each jewellery piece goes above and beyond its own definition of unique.  They’re just perfect to make your special day memorable and will enhance one’s own true inner beauty. Add some sparkle to your outfit by adorning such statement pieces and when it comes to displaying the rich Rajputi culture and tradition, you fall no behind.

The Rajputi Sarees
The heavy work sarees are the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity. The fabrics used are of premium quality ranging from chiffon, georgette to banarasi tissues. The handmade craftsmanship exhibited by the local artisans of Jaipur in the overall designs of the Sarees makes each piece an exquisite one. The designer sarees at Jaipur Sanduk are favourite amongst the saree lovers. The workmanship is very striking and the sarees are flowy and chic. It’s a perfect classical ensemble for all sorts of events.

With its deep hues and elaborate patterns, it perfectly blends tradition and glamour. Bring out the vibe in you and give the ultimate expression of style and panache making these sarees a perfect addition to your closet.