Traditional Rajputi Jewellery That Can Make You Look Fab This Wedding Season

Posted on October 12th, 2022 04:18 PM
Traditional Rajputi Jewellery That Can Make You Look Fab This Wedding Season

Weddings are a celebration of love, commitment, and loyalty, and what better way to showcase your big day than investing in rich outfits and traditional jewellery? Traditional Rajput jewellery is highly sought-after by Indian brides and offers handcrafted detailing, ornate designs, rich shades, and stunning gemstones that blend old-world sophistication with new-world style.

From your Haldi ceremony to the reception and even on your big day there are a ton of shades, sizes, designs, and styles to choose from that meet every bride’s aesthetic and budget needs to make sure you look nothing short of a true queen.

Here are some of the best and more popular pieces that combine functionality and beauty to perfectly define your wedding day.

Bespoke necklaces

Necklaces form a huge part of Rajputi jewellery and each piece is made focusing on quality, beauty, and tradition so that it can be passed on as an heirloom piece in the future. Whether you prefer stunning sapphires, Polki pieces, or elegant diamond silver jewellery, there is one to suit every style.

Each necklace is unique to Rajasthani culture and is handcrafted and hand cut to showcase rustic gemstones and gorgeous details, some brides even have their custom-made to suit their style and personality preferences. You can choose between pieces like Vintage Intention, blue Sapphire Chautala string necklace, Rose Quartz Cabochon necklace, Moonstone Ruby Kimaya silver necklace, Victorian Beauty sterling silver diamond necklace and so much more.

Signature earrings

Usually called Jhumka or Kundan Buttis, these earrings are quite popular among Indian brides, and Rajputi jewelry features elegant and delicate pieces studded with uncut gemstones that have a rich, luxurious, and antique look making them truly one-of-a-kind and perfect for your wedding day. You can opt for yellow gold earrings or even white gold diamond earrings that mix the traditional detailing and designs of Rajputi culture with the practicality of today.

With so many different types of earrings available, you can choose from a range of shades, patterns, styles, designs, and textures as well as your favorite gemstones so that you have a piece to hold and cherish for years to come. Some of the most popular pieces are Diamond floral earrings, diamond loop or bow earrings, starry emerald diamond earrings, dreamy blue diamond earrings and so much more.

Timeless diamond silver bangles

Bridal red bangles are as popular as a sterling silver diamond necklace and are worn by brides across India. Nowadays, many brides are looking for other bangles and bracelets that feature diamonds and other intricate colored gemstones that will not only match their wedding attire but allow them to wear their accessories for other special occasions. While some bangles have a clasp, others are simple wide, and smooth and this depends on your choice.

Whether you’re looking for something vintage-inspired, contemporary, modern, or minimal   diamond silver bangles, you have a wide range of shades, gemstones, styles, and metals to choose from, some of them are Aisha Victorian ruby diamond bangle, Victorian champagne diamond silver bangle, Noor bangle, and Pakeezah bangle, and so much more in the diamond silver bangles collection.

In Conclusion
Each piece of Rajputi jewellery is colorful, and rich, and comes steeped in culture and tradition making it an ode to those beautiful traditions that celebrate love, unparalleled charm, and grace that’s captured in every piece. Always do your research and choose pieces that are special to you and allow you to bring your dream wedding to love as well as pass on these stunning pieces to your future generations in the years to come.

Check out the traditional Rajputi Jewellery like sterling silver diamond necklace, white gold diamond earrings, diamond silver bangles that can make you look Fab this wedding season!